Relocation Management

For larger Relocation Management Companies (RMCs) that have their own systems, ReloTracker™ supports the Automatic Transfers of Relocation Information (ATRI) standard to automatically send information, from the initiation through departure. Please see Integration for more information.

ReloTracker™ is also being used for relocation management by RMCs and local relocation providers that manage outbound and third-country moves.

And why not? In ReloTracker™ you can assign remote DSPs as the home or host location providers and allow immigration and other service providers to access the system to view and enter information. It has the flexibility to allow you to manage operations across multiple countries, regions, languages, and currencies.

Why “reinvent the wheel”, spending large amounts of money and time to develop a system that basically does the same thing that is already available?


Relocation management requires a lot of communication and organization. This is often handled by email, creating a huge problem for follow-up, tracking, and reporting. Emails attachments are sent to the transferee, from the transferee to the DSPs, from DSPs to RMCs, and from RMCs to HR. Is this any way to manage a business? No matter how much you try to structure your Word templates, it will require a lot of extra work to coordinate all these attachments.

A relocation management system should at least allow you to do three things:

  • Simplify communications
  • Allow customers and suppliers to view and add information
  • Produce reports quickly

If your system does not allow that, how can you compete? Microsoft Office is not a relocation management system.

Share Information

Finally, gathering and sharing information will automatically be part of the way you work. In ReloTracker™ each transferee has an online file.

Everything is in one place and the people that need information can view only what you allow.

HR can log in to view only relevant information, while remote DSPs can view only the information they need. You can freely share information while guarding private details.

Efficient Email

Of course, email will remain an important tool for communication, but why does it need to be so difficult? Most email communication is repetitive. Email templates provide a quick solution if they are automatically filled in with information from the system, like the transferee name, host country, and move date.

ReloTracker™ not only allows you to send email quicker, you can also save it more easily. Through our auto-archiving system, email that is received can be automatically saved under the corresponding relocation.

Expense Management

Of course, ReloTracker supports a complete expense management service. The transferee can add their expenses to an Expense Report for submission.

There are two main possibilities at that point. If the requirements are simple, then they can be handled within the system. You can submit payment requests and track payments received in multiple currencies.

On the other hand, if you need sophisticated expense payment processing with tax gross-up, withholding, and compliance, the system can integrate with an expense management system. The reporting can then be provided through ReloTracker™.

Financial Management

It is easy to generate a quote based on the fees of local DSPs and to turn that quote into a set of rates to be used for future transferees. Since the system knows how much you have agreed to invoice for a service, invoicing is quick and accurate. Billable costs are also automatically added to the invoice.

On the other side, since the system knows the rates that you have agreed with DSPs, you can compare their invoices with the agreed rates.

The financial records can be easily exported to or integrated with a financial management system.

Single Log-in

ReloTracker™ has modules to handle language training, inter-cultural training, move management, school search, property management, quality management, and other aspects of relocation.

Because of the flexibility, reporting, and integration possibilities, ReloTracker™ can provide a single customer-facing system for employers and transferees. They can view and enter their information into one front-end system so that you do not need to ask them to log in to multiple systems.

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