ReloTracker™ is the only fully integrated software used by tens of relocation providers around the world. It offers a web-based system to manage relocation services from initiations to invoicing, as well as a mobile app to support transferees with needs assessment, area guides, contacts, documents, properties, and evaluations.

We are an independent company that does not require you to surrender your relationship with your customers. With ReloTracker™ you always remain in control!

DeltaTrend* is a specialized business and technology consultancy that benefits from deep experience and relationships in the areas of international human resources, assignment management, and relocation.

We started designing ReloTracker™ in the year 2001 in response to the demands of leading relocation companies. It was clear that technology would play an important role in improving communication and quality service delivery in relocation.

Our team combines skills in technology, business process management, sales & marketing, and financial accounting with international experience. Unlike many technology-oriented companies, we understand your business and can speak to you in terms that you understand.

Over the years, we have demonstrated to our customers not just our capabilities, but also our values: integrity, pragmatism, discretion, and service-mindedness.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

We believe that there will be an ever-increasing need for international mobility among employers. This growth will demand continuous evolution in sales, marketing, financial, and customer service systems by relocation providers.

Our Mission:

We consult and provide solutions in the important and growing areas of international human resources, relocation, and assignment management to improve the lives of international assignment professionals, service providers, and the international workforce.

Our Role:

We believe that the way forward involves the implementation of proven solutions, including recognition of the benefits of technology and integration. We help relocation service providers navigate the course toward better communication, faster response, higher sales, and reduced costs.

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Proud member of the European Relocation Association.

* Delta Trend BV is a limited liability company registered in the Kingdom of Belgium in 2001.