Immigration work requires a lot of information, filling in forms, careful attention to detail, follow-up, and accurate invoicing.

What if a system could help you gather information about the transferee family, assign to each of them the necessary applications, and allow you to automatically fill in the required forms?

Finally there is a system at an affordable price!

ReloTracker™ is an innovative but easy-to-use system for immigration. It helps you manage immigration procedures by allowing you to define the applications and documents that need to be completed.

The Information You Need

Before you can use the information, you first need to have it. The days of managing by Microsoft Word attachments and copying/pasting are done. Transferees are used to filling in forms online.

It is much easier to use an online form, and you can tailor it for each case. The transferee is no longer limited to three or four children – they can enter as many as needed.

ReloTracker™ allows you to collect information like dates and nationalities in a way that you can easily re-use it later without extra work.

Communicate Easily

A lot of immigration work is about communication. Depending on the circumstances, you might need an attestation or an apostille.

This requires frequent communication with the transferee and the employer, although much of it is repetitive. This can be done faster through the use of email templates that include information already included in the system.

You can define as many email templates in the system as you need, to transferees, employers, and other parties. The email templates can already include details in the system.

Generate the Documents

A lot of immigration work is filling in documents with information that has already been gathered. This means copying and pasting. Why spend the time?

ReloTracker™ includes the ability to define Word and PDF templates that automatically fill in information that already exists in the system. No more searching and copying information. You define the field for a document, and the system automatically fills it in.

You can even link multiple documents to an application. So if an application requires a company letter and a work permit application, you can generate both of then from the system.

Track Applications

Key events in the application are linked to events in the relocation and the application process. For example, an application process might be linked to the arrival in country date or the work start date.

ReloTracker™ allows you to set reminders according to various dates and assign them to various personnel. You can then follow the process from beginning to end.


Once the immigration application has been approved, that’s not the end. For each application procedure you can enter an expiration date.

You can track expiration dates in various ways: within the next 90 days, in the first six months of the next year, or by type and customer. You can even define your own report. As an additional service, you can even alert your customers when a passport will expire.

When an expiration date is approaching, you can then contact the customer to ask for the authorization to renew. If the transferee will be leaving the country, then you can propose deregistration services.

Invoice Correctly

Immigration procedures often involve costs that can be rebilled to the customer: registration fees, official translations, apostilles, and overnight shipping, to name a few. Forgetting to invoice these in a timely manner can reduce profitability.

Your system must not only help you track procedures and fill in documents, it must also help you generate accurate invoices. This means including costs and expenses, billable hours, and even kilometers/hours. All items can be itemized for the customer.

Yes! This means quicker, more accurate, and clearer invoices for your customers.

Painless Reporting

Reporting is a growing requirement from customers. If your information is isolated in Outlook, Word, and Excel, then it can be time-consuming to generate an overview.

Why spend hours every week to generate reports? If your information is in a single system, then the information to generate a report is already at hand.

You can not only define and generate a report quickly, you can even make a report visible to specific customers so that they can generate it themselves.

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