Documented Security

It is no longer a question of, “Do you have a system?”. Now the questions are about security, privacy, backup, and access control. ReloTracker™ is occasionally tested by an outside company to guard against significant security concerns.

Questions you should expect to be asked:

  • Does the Service Provider use up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware scanning, firewall and intrusion detection software to protect personal information?
  • Is your information hosted under ISO 27001 certification?
  • How is application authentication (login) performed?

ReloTracker™ is built using Microsoft’s ASP.NET Framework, used by millions of companies to create applications. ASP.NET has built-in features to prevent different types of attacks, like Cross-site Scripting and Session Hijacking. In addition to the security features provided by ASP.NET, ReloTracker™ has several security measures built into its design, including:

  • All access is Role-based. There is no default role, so the role of every user needs to be determined before the system shows any information
  • The cookie that ReloTracker™ sets in the user’s browser is encrypted, so it is not possible to understand and manipulate a cookie
  • Database queries are made using parameters in the business layer, rather than simply replacing variables, and user input is validated, to prevent SQL injection attacks
  • Tracing and debugging are turned off by default
  • ReloTracker™ enables advanced password enforcement and encryption.

Enforcing Strict Security Controls

The first measure of our security controls means that we train our developers and support personnel on the guidelines that we have put in place. They are expected to make changes to the system within those guidelines.

The second measure of controls is that all changes to the system are reviewed before release. This means that when a developer makes changes and submits them, that that the Director of Operations reviews them before they are released and implemented.

Internal & External Testing

Despite these controls, there remains a possibility that weaknesses enter into the system. For this reason, we conduct internal testing on a regular basis. Tools such as the OWASP’s Zed Attack Proxy are regularly used to test for a wide range of vulnerabilities against attacks and threat agents.

We also regularly employ an outside company to perform penetration testing of the application. This is both to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified, and to confirm that our internal tests are identifying all issues.

Hosting Security

Our hosting infrastructure includes physical and technical measures to prevent intrusion and to protect information against loss and service interruption. Daily backups are encrypted before being sent to another distant secure off-site facility.

Please contact us now for more information about we manage security.


We fall under the European Union’s GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”), amongst the strictest in the world. There are several aspects to this.

First, we license a system to businesses. We do not provide services directly to private individuals. You, the ReloTracker Licensee, are the Data Owner. The information in the Data Owner’s ReloTracker system and related files and databases are completely the Data Owner’s property. We have no right to use that information in any way except to support the Licensee’s use of the application. This means that we do not use Licensees’ information to directly contact their users and we do not provide any user information to other parties.

Second, we support our Licensees’ implementation of their Privacy Policy. Users must accept your statement about privacy, including data retention and the use of cookies.

For more information about our policy and the support ReloTracker™ provides to implement a Privacy Policy, please contact us.


There has been an increasing need to establish and measure quality indicators within the industry. It has moved from being a selling point to a requirement in proposals.

There are several quality management regimes, including ISO and those developed by industry organizations like the European Relocation Association (EuRA). Customers might also require service level measurement.

Time-Based KPIs

Quality measurement often requires that an action be completed within a period after another date. For example,  “Confirm acceptance of a service within one business day”.

This requires the measurement of a period from a beginning point to an ending point. In ReloTracker™, this measurement fits within how users currently use the system, rather than requiring extra steps.

Evaluation Form

Another common quality measurement is asking the transferee and customers to fill in an evaluation of the services provided. ReloTracker™ has the possibility to create multiple evaluation forms according to your needs. You can use a 4-point scale or another measurement. You can even personalize the questionnaire for each transferee.

The reporting automatically comes out of the system. You can view how transferees rated your performance by customer, by time period, or even by service. Contact us now to understand how we can help you develop key metrics.


Reporting is a growing requirement, internally and externally. Only a system built to manage relocation allows you to report on all aspects of relocation. We believe that you should be able to report on everything.

ReloTracker™ has a built-in reporting system. In it you can define all aspects of a report:

  • The fields from the system that you want to use in the report
  • Who can view the report
  • The filters that select the information
  • The sort order of the information, plus totals and subtotals.

Reports can be generated in the browser, in Excel, or in PDF format. Report filters support multiple Boolean operators: AND, OR, EQUALS, GREATER/LESSER THAN, etc.

Reports can be used in the system to create search queries or assigned to specific pages. To discuss your reporting requirements, contact us now.


Integration saves time and money, while reducing errors and increasing communications flow. We have lead the way in integration with financial and other internal systems, as well as with customer and supplier systems via APIs.

ReloTracker™ is able to integrate with internal systems at several levels:

  • Through ODBC at the database level
  • Via MS SQL Integration Services
  • At the application layer using web services
  • By generating a text or Excel file that can be manually imported into another system, or placed in a folder for automatic retrieval.

Besides that, we have led the way in “linking and syncing” relocation systems to related external systems. In 2011 we launched the Automatic Transfers of Relocation Information (ATRI): the only open standard for syncing information between any relocation systems.

Any two systems that use ATRI can establish a link between two relocations. This will enable the complete synchronization of the relocation between the systems, including:

  • Fields and dates
  • Ordered services
  • Costs and time spent
  • Immigration and housing details
  • Uploaded documents and images.

ATRI is already working between all ReloTracker™ systems and can be implemented to support integration with relocation management companies, providers of immigration, language or cultural training services, tax providers, or other suppliers.

We have also created integration modules for expense management, movers, and other third-party systems. Contact us to ask about how we can support your needs.


Migration refers to the process of moving from one system to another. A system is made up of the data and the relations between them on the one hand and the logic that exist in the system for working with that data.

We have extensive experience with importing data from various formats: Outlook contacts, Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, or even ten-year-old systems that are no longer supported. The advantage is that once they are in ReloTracker™, you have much greater possibilities to work with the information.

Beyond importing data, we have also migrated entire systems. If your current system relies on Citrix, Access, Basecamp, or is anyway not easily accessible online or fit for relocation, then you are not taking advantage of the current possibilities to reduce cost and save time. Besides the powerful capabilities of ReloTracker™, we have created systems for companies to help them address specific issues or business requirements.

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