Reporting is a growing requirement, internally and externally. Only a system built to manage relocation allows you to report on all aspects of relocation. We believe that you should be able to report on everything.

ReloTracker has a built-in reporting system. In it you can define all aspects of a report:

  • The fields from the system that you want to use in the report.
  • Who can view the report.
  • The filters that select the information.
  • The sort order of the information.
  • Totals and subtotals.
  • Place the report in a category for users to find it easily.

Reports can be generated in the webpage, in Excel, or in PDF format. Report filters support multiple Boolean operators: AND, OR, EQUALS, GREATER THAN, LESSER OR EQUALS.

Reports can be used in the system to create search queries or assigned to specific pages.