We fall under the Privacy Directives of the European Union, amongst the strictest in the world. There are several aspects to this.

Firstly, we license a system to businesses. We do not provide services directly to private individuals. The ReloTracker Licensee is the Data Owner. The information in the Data Owner’s ReloTracker system and related files and databases are completely the Data Owner’s property. We have no right to use that information in any way except to support the Licensee's use of the application.

This means that we do not use Licensees' information to directly contact their users and we do not provide any user information to other parties.

Second, we support our Licensees' implementation of their Privacy Policy. It is possible in ReloTracker to require users to accept a statement about privacy, including data retention and the use of cookies.

For more information about our policy and the support ReloTracker provides to implement a Privacy Policy, please contact us.