Online Demonstration Versions

Companies are different so they have different needs. Because of that ReloTracker™ has built-in flexibility to be as simple or complex as you need. This is reflected in our two Online Demonstration systems.

If you need to access one of the online demo systems, please contact us.

Basic Online Demo

Ideal if you are just taking a first look at ReloTracker™. Probably as clean and simple as possible, while still allowing complete management of relocations. This demo leaves out specialized functions, and presents minimal menus.

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Advanced Online Demo

Shows almost all the current features available in ReloTracker™ - more than is used by all but the largest relocation companies. This is useful to evaluate how the system can meet more sophisticated needs.

  • Manage multiple offices in multiple countries.
  • Allow customers to order services online.
  • Allow consultants (counselors, assistants) to enter costs, mileage, or time spent.
  • Create a list of properties to be viewed, with times and other details.
  • Allow the transferee to fill in an online evaluation form.
  • Present relocation pages in more than one language.
  • Establish budgets in terms of costs and time spent per service. Services that are near the budgeted time can be flagged.
  • Invoice services per hour, with rates set per customer and how the time was spent.
  • Support Incidents can be created, with events logged and follow-up reminders as a sophisticated "case management" system.

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